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Justice is the constant and perpetual will to allot to every man his due.

Domitus Ulpian

Czech Law firm FABIAN & PARTNERS (attorneys at law)

FABIAN & PARTNERS law firm focuses on the provision of complex legal services to domestic as well as foreign legal persons. Among our clients there are also individuals seeking legal services in certain specific spheres of the law.

We provide legal counselling services in the sphere of commercial law, corporate law and real estate law especially, including lawsuits, arbitration or criminal procedures. Reflecting contemporary economic situation, we provide legal counselling in the sphere of insolvency and insolvency lawsuits, reorganization of companies, massive staff reduction or debt recovery.

We provide professional legal counselling to our clients through team of lawyers of various scopes and professional specializations in Brno and Prague. We provide our services in Czech, Slovak, English, German and Italian languages.

We accentuate professional ethics and building-up of long-term relationships with clients based on mutual trust and respect. We do not rely on mere knowledge of the law, but we always try to provide our clients with complex services related to their business cases, primarily provision of services of economic and tax experts, including lay assessors in relevant fields. While solving client’s matters, we lay stress on promptness, precision and full endeavour.

Our law firm further provides our clients with legal services abroad, such as establishment and administration of companies in the USA, Great Britain, Cyprus, Hungary, Poland and other countries.

JUDr. Ing. Pavel Fabian draws on knowledge gained in the course of his studies at the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University in Brno, the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the Masaryk University in Brno (field of study: Financial Entrepreneurship) and during study stays abroad at the Law Faculty of the Universität des Saarlandes, Germany (Europa – Institut). He acquired his doctoral degree in international commercial law. He gained a lot of experience in the field of international commercial law during his employment in law firms Brock-Müller-Ziegenbein [Kiel, Germany], Czerwenka & Partner [Brno, Wien], Rödl and Partner. JUDr. Ing. Pavel Fabian is an attorney and member of the Czech Bar Association. He specializes in commercial law, primarily corporate law that involves international elements and acquisitions.

We cooperate with:

JUDr. Jan Šafra, LL.M., advocate in Prague
Mgr. Jan Boucký, advocate in Prague
JUDr. Edita Lebedová, advocate in Brno

We support:



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