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Crisis management and counselling

Methods of crisis management of firms

We recommend the company crisis management to clients on the basis of an analysis of the actual state. There are several ways of solving a state of crisis:

  • company revitalization means conversion of excess assets, decrease in debts by discharge, boosting of distribution channels and consequent assignment to original associates (shareholders)
  • company sale – we will find a purchaser (acquirer of a business share or a company)
  • pre-insolvency counselling in case you do not know which steps are required to propose bankruptcy and how to prepare for this situation, we will arrange and process everything up to its delivery to the administrator of the bankruptcy.

The most effective way of terminating the activities of a non-profit company is its liquidation, sale of its property, erasure from the Commercial register and assignment of the liquidation profit to the owner.

Consolidation and revitalization

If a company is not in the state of crisis/insolvency as a whole, it is possible to solve the situation by consolidation and revitalization. The essence of consolidation and revitalization is the analysis of causes behind the crisis. Usually it is not necessary to consider liquidation of the company but rather consider the crucial system solutions which will bring the desired change.

After analysing and determining the causes we will present you a proposal for consolidation and revitalization which may include for example:

  • crisis plan
  • assets stabilization plan
  • proposal for division or merger of the company
  • proposal of overfinancing or overcrediting of the company
  • plan for negotiations with creditors and debtors


This solution focuses on detaching the good and functioning part of the company with the perspective of further development and on liquidating the rest of the company in a proper way.

If authorised representatives (or other representatives of the company) are willing to follow the recommendations of our company, no information needs to be provided to the public. As a law firm, we are bound by secrecy.

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