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Debt collection, Debt management and recovery in Czech Republic

Outstanding debt is usually the most frequent reason for a client to turn upon a law firm with a request for legal assistance. The law firm FABIAN & PARTNERS offers complex legal services for debt collection and administration with the aim of providing the client with effective, proper and early payment of debts. Continuous debt surveillance is the aim for long-term and cost-effective monitoring of debts. The law firm FABIAN & PARTNERS offers the following services in particular:

  • legal proposal of financially profitable way of debt collection
  • qualified appeals for payment of collectable debts
  • judicial and extra-judicial debt collection
  • arbitration
  • counselling in legal operations with debts (assignments, ringing up, mortgages, sale and capitalization of debts)
  • mapping of debtor’s property
  • distraint of debtor’s property through a distrainer
  • assertion of debts in insolvency proceedings

To ensure payment, we offer guarantees since the origination of a contractual relationship through these institutes:

  • arbitration clause
  • mortgage right
  • contractual fine
  • liability
  • right of lien
  • bank guarantee
  • securing assignment of rights
  • retention of title
  • due bill

Debt administration in case of debtor‘s bankruptcy

If a debtor finds himself in the state before insolvency declaration, then the most profitable way is to assign a claim to another creditor. We are ready to seek such creditor and to legally support the assignment of the claim.

If a court declares bankruptcy on the debtor, we are ready to claim the debt of the creditor and we represent him in whole insolvency proceedings.

Why choose our law firm for debt collection?

  • enhanced effectiveness of debt collection due to representation by a law firm
  • utilization of the possibility of an electronic payment order
  • full responsibility for legal services and legal services insurance

On the basis of cooperation with the Distraint Office we will help you to find the most effective solution of such cases. In case of debtor’s overindebtedness, insolvency proceedings will be initiated with the consent of the client.

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