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Corporate law in Czech republic, business law

Legal services in the sphere of corporate law constitute the fundamental pillar of the law firm FABIAN & PARTNERS activities.

  • new companies in the Czech republic, Slovakia and abroad
    • proposals of founding deeds and contracts
    • provision of trading and other entrepreneurial licences
    • legal proceedings before the registration court
    • contracts for members of statutory bodies
    • establishment of company organizational units (branch offices)
  • sale of "ready-made" companies in the Czech republic, Slovakia and abroad
  • changes in companies
    • transfers of business share
    • general meetings
    • changes in company deeds
    • changes of legal form of companies
    • increasing and decreasing of the basic capital
  • company takeover
    • transfers of business share
    • property transfers
    • purchasing of companies
    • legal due diligence
  • company mergers, acquisitions
  • company liquidations
  • relationships between controlled and controlling persons, report on relations between interconnected persons and its revision, controlling contract
  • corporate governance, counselling in management of companies (optimisation of managerial structure and management of capital companies, general meetings, agreements on discharge of office, scope of powers of the management and the supervisory board)
  • protection of the rights of associates/shareholders
  • participation in supervisory boards (representation of the interests of clients in supervisory bodies of companies – supervision of correspondence between business activities and legal regulations, compliance, corporate governance etc.)
  • provision of complex or partial legal service, also on client’s site in agreed periods of time
  • Greenfield Investment, administration of legal prerequisites for the introductory investment phase, verification of territorial-law regulations and legal status of the real property, acquisition of land, construction of production plants, financing of the investment and establishment of a legal framework for relations of the company with its employees and managers
  • unfair competition – comparative and misleading advertising, domain names, utilization of trade companies, protection of business secrets, exploitation, depreciation and just defence
  • e-commerce, advertising – legal counselling in the field of internet advertising, sending of advertising messages via e-mail, creation and assessment of contractual documents (commercial terms and conditions, purchase orders, complaints conditions etc.)

The law firm FABIAN & PARTNERS has especially extensive experience with provision of legal services to foreign investors regarding initiation of their entrepreneurial activity on the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovak republic along with adherence to the principle of rationalisation of costs.

The most frequent activities include:

  • preparation of all corporate documents and their changes (partnership deed, deed of foundation, statutes, cost books etc.),
  • preparation and provision of the proper course of general meetings, records of general meetings, counselling in preparation of records of meetings of the board of directors and the advisory board,
  • processing of annual reports including reports on relations between interconnected persons,
  • changes in the amount of the basic capital, changes of forms of company’s shares, etc..

We offer our services to foreign clients in English, German, Italian and Slovak languages.


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